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Trying to add an entry and it just disappears. Not very promising.

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This is another attempt to get this site to do something. It has all so far been in vain, with no interest from any Ashcombe students, past or present. I suppose it shows the gulf between the generations which has not changed over the years. This was supposed to be a way of keeping in touch without any Twitter or Facebook accounts, just a site to share news and keep in touch. So far a failure, financial and otherwise. Regrettably I have lacked the incentive to keep this site updated, much less so than the main site which itself shows the diminishing efforts due to reduced inputs, despite the 150,000 visitors or so each year. Far fewer come here.

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There have been many comments from numerous obscure and Ashcombe-unrelated places which will always be deleted. It is a great shame that no one related to Ashcombe School has yet shown up here but some day they will. But if they do not before too long then the obvious answer will be to terminate this website and save the frustration of having to repeatedly delete twaddle or empty comments.

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Take a look at the reunion page. We celebrate 80 years of education on the Ashcombe Road site, firstly as the Dorking County School opened September 1931 which became the Dorking County Grammar School ca 1947.  Mowbray School opened circa 1959 and amalgamated with the adjacent Grammar School to become the Ashcombe School in 1976. All who have a connection  with these schools, either recent or distant past, are welcome to come visit on June 30th where there will be exhibits from the past years, tours of the building and a chance to catch up with people with similar connections. You may register your interest on the Reunion page to give us an idea of how many will be coming and to get the latest info available.

The last such Reunion was held in 1992 celebrating 60 years and was attended by 1500 people and spawned the Ashcombe Dorkimnian Association. Comments or queries may be left here.

Mike Nicholson


November 10

Nothing new…
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I have received a few comments from people who are clearly unconnected with the Ashcombe School and have no real news value. These I will continue to ignore. That does not mean that other interesting or pertinent comments will not be shown. I am just glad that someone reads this page but sad we have as yet no Ashcombe input.

September 21

Time flies by….
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I have not received any communication to indicate if anyone has passed through here. This is a daughter site of and that will always be more up to date than this site, which was always intended to provide an avenue for current Sixth Formers at Ashcombe, and those recently left,  to contribute or take it up as their own. So far, no progress there.

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We welcome you here. Please tell us your comments to show that you have been here and what connection, if any, you have with the Ashcombe School.

So far all comments have been spurious and unconnected  with the School or the Association. They have all been deleted. Genuine comments will be published.